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Pure Encapsulations

Essential Aminos

Essential Aminos

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Provides a balanced ratio of essential amino acids for muscle, brain and tissue health*

Amino acids are the building blocks for all proteins, making them essential for a number of body functions, including fluid balance, enzyme production, cellular repair, and energy metabolism. Amino acids also provide a readily available form of nitrogen, a critical element that forms various compounds such as neurotransmitters and creatine. In humans, protein is composed of 20 amino acids, only some of which the body can produce.

Those that need to be obtained from exogenous sources are referred to as the essential amino acids. Pure Encapsulations’ Essential Aminos formula is based on the ratios of essential amino acids from high biological value (BV) protein sources. Proper intake of these amino acids is important for the synthesis, repair, and metabolism of muscle, cells, and tissues.*

• Supports healthy muscle and tissue*
• May support healthy muscle protein synthesis for athletes*
• May support muscle anabolism as individuals age*
• Made with hypoallergenic, vegetarian ingredients

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