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Bio Biotanical Research



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Biotonic™ is designed to augment the activity of Biocidin®. Its inspiration comes from two of the most commonly used herbal formulas in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Botanicals used by healers for centuries to address digestive issues (like bloating and nausea), fatigue, poor assimilation, and weak immune response.*

Biotonic’s unique botanical combination – 13 herbs in all – includes Artemisia to strengthen microbial balancing activity and promote a healthy inflammatory response.* Fo Ti supports healthy liver function.*

Put it all together and you have a delicious daily elixir that can be enjoyed by itself or added to beverages. Biotonic™ tonifies digestion, immune activity, and vitality.* Ancient wisdom for modern challenges.

● Helps maintain vitality and healthy energy levels*
● Supports healthy digestion*
● Provides nutritional support for the adrenals and liver*
● Promotes immune health*
● Assists in microbial balance*
● Supports healthy inflammatory response*
● Can be used daily for ongoing benefits
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