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 A-BAB is a blend of 7 effective herbs in tincture. The combination of herbs is chosen to support the body as a whole and is very effective on it’s own or even better in combination with other tinctures. Tincture in general works antibacterial, especially for infections with Babesia, which affects primarily the brain and autonomic nervous system.

Amongst the tick borne organisms, the babesia family is one of the most prevalent to infect people and cause both acute and chronic illness, affecting major systems in the body. Fortunately nature has provided us with botanicals that help the body restore its natural health balance. Several of the botanicals, utilized in this formula, tested positive in study*, showing 80-100% effectiveness in inhibiting Babesia Gibsoni and malaria.

The specific botanicals and amounts coupled with the specialized testing and formula process used exclusively in Byron White Formulas, brings us A-BAB, a formula that has been utilized with thousands of patients clinically, helping to restore healthy function.

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